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Wiki (Bookstack)

Bookstack is a user friendly Wiki software which the NYC Mesh Wiki is built on.

MVP Wiki Launch Features

Before the Wiki can be more broadly used (and and possibly replace we must add some key features:


  • Simple introduction
    • Ensure everything a new volunteer/stakeholder would benefit from seeing is linked in the introduction book.
      • Hardware page to show extent of documentation and another "book".
  • Support for old users
    • Old to new mapping 
      • 1. sitemap mapping of old page to new?
      • 2. update all docs pages with a link to the wiki equivalent.
    • Page redirects on docs
  • Full duplicate of content - to avoid information fragmentation, we should migrate a full copy of all existing docs content
  • Merge any dupe Docs and Wiki pages (ex. hubs?)
  • Replace high level links to docs ( header "Docs" replaced with "Wiki"

Nice to have

  • Mesh hosting - Currently on AWS, but we could move to Mesh hosting fairly easily.
  • Mesh LAN based user creation - Ideally a member on the mesh should be allowed to create an editor account without involving admins.  This is possible with a custom theme but needs more development.  A disabled in-development theme file is included in the themes directory.