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Grafana Monitoring




Updating SNMP Data Scraper 
  • Enable SNMP on the device
    • login to RouterOS with the device IP
    • in webfig go to IP>SNMP and enable
    • save
    • in quick set note the router ID
  • Update Prometheus config
    • ssh root@
    • nano /opt/prometheus-2.39.1.linux-amd64/prometheus.yml
    • add IP for device at the end and use router ID from above in the comments
    • save the file
    • systemctl restart prometheus.service
    • if anything is unclear feel free to look at the command history with the history command
  • Update Grafana
    • Go to a Grafana page where you want to add the new panel, ex.
    • login with standard password
    • duplicate panel
      • right click panel header > more > duplicate
    • rename using router id above
    • replace the IP
      • not all devices have the same metrics, so you may have to select a different one
    • Make sure to save the dashboard!
    • If everything worked you should see data