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Slack Support Follow Up Bot


    • ticket created on 1st support thread
    • - subject includes “follow-up-bot: ”
    • if no slack response - every 48 hr nag up to 3 times and then reopen osticket and email nag with auto-re-close.

Problems to solve

  • member has issue that gets forgotten about after reporting on slack thread
  • support thread is never responded to by a volunteer
  • atypical support threads
    • volunteer message to many people
      • Is this a community announcement?
        • if no or no response, then run support bot


  • slack threads are not structured causing false positives, identical treatment for different types of threads
  • someone responds out of thread


  • need database
    • ignore multiple threads


  • content matches goes to funnel
  • automated follow up after 48 hours
    • is issue resolved? 
      • if no response after 3 cycles then reopen ticket
        • reopen in OS ticket and send message and recloses 
        • false positives
      • if yes, then say thank you and do nothing (maybe record analytics somewhere)
        • stop nagging
      • if no
        • should stay in slack


out of date