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Website Update Ideas

Add your website update ideas!


  • Clean but playful design:¬†Incorporate hand drawn graphics using standard Mesh color palette
  • Photo integration: show our physical network
    • Photos of our diverse member community
    • Photo visualization of mesh: like the below example, but with more playful hand draw lines etc. to highlight our community values:

      Screenshot 2024-01-27 at 2.37.00 PM.png

  • Clear graphics for most important topics (also good for non English speakers)


  • avoid repeating information (e.g., the $290 install fee is mentioned on a number of pages, sometimes referred to as a donation and sometimes as an equipment cost).¬† use links to an authoritative page instead, so updates will be reflected.

Interactive interface

Users could benefit from interactive design

  • pre-join/new member presentation
  • troubleshooting flowchart
  • install-team sign-up