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Fiber install guidelines

2 - Install & Maintenance Guides

In order to avoid problems with fiber install quality, the following guidelines should be followed: Boxes should be located near floor or with long enough winder boxes to enable work on the floor. No ladders should be necessary for maintenance/splicing. ...

Alerting and monitoring system

6 - Services & Software

Out of date Existing systems #monitoring-unms/UISP Grafana/Prometheus public, setup 4 years ago: Mesh only, Omni's etc: support report generator Zabbix IP: Det...

Volunteer Slack Channels

1 - Introduction

A list of possible volunteer roles is available on the website volunteer page. Our Slack has a number of channels with volunteer opportunities: #volunteer Volunteer opportunities random discussions etc  #install-team - list list of new installs...


6 - Services & Software

Ever wanted to play with the OSPF link data yourself but didn’t want to take the time to build an OSPF node or parse the output from bird? Look no further than the OSPF JSON API: > curl http://api.andrew.mesh/api/v1/ospf/linkdb {"areas": {"": {"rout...

Slack Support Follow Up Bot

6 - Services & Software

Features ticket created on 1st support thread - subject includes “follow-up-bot: ” if no slack response - every 48 hr nag up to 3 times and then reopen osticket and email nag with auto-re-close. Problems to solve member has issue tha...

Wiki (Bookstack)

6 - Services & Software

Bookstack is a user friendly Wiki software which the NYC Mesh Wiki is built on. MVP Wiki Launch Features Before the Wiki can be more broadly used (and and possibly replace we must add some key features: Required Simple introduction E...

Concrete Drilling

2 - Install & Maintenance Guides

Tips Drilling through solid cement walls really sucks. We should probably get contractors to do this rather than doing it ourselves if at all possible. There are two sizes of hammer drill bits, SDS-Plus and SDS-Max. The hammer drill we have at the Mesh Roo...

Americorps Vista Volunteer Program

4 - Organization & Mission

Overview Wikipedia: "AmeriCorps VISTA is a national service program designed to alleviate poverty."  NYC Mesh has been awarded several volunteer positions for the 2023 year.  These positions are paid a living allowance funded by AmeriCorps. Links AmeriCor...