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Volunteer Slack Channels

A list of possible volunteer roles is available on the website volunteer page.

Our Slack has a number of channels with volunteer opportunities:

  • #volunteer
    • Volunteer opportunities
    • random discussions etc 
  • #install-team - list
    • list of new installs
    • private channel (due to members personal information being present) - fill out the form bookmarked in #volunteer or talk to an existing volunteer in person to be added to the channel.
    • no general discussion besides specific installs
  • #maintenance-team
    • Discussion of maintenance related topics
    • Follow this channel to join on weekend/weekday hub maintenance
  • #maintenance-tasks - list
    • list of maintenance tasks
    • no general discussion besides specific maintenance tasks
  • #meshathon
    • Discussion of large volunteer events
    • Planning for large building installs (ex running fiber at Grand St Guild)
  • #outreach
    • Discussion and planning for outreach events and co-operative events with other organizations
  • #design
    • Opportunities to assign with graphic design and creating new marketing materials

There are also neighborhood specific channels (#n-parkslope, #n-greenpoint, #n-harlem, etc.) which host discussions and planning for specific areas of the city. Please join the channels for where you live (or make a new one if it doesn't exist yet) to collaborate with other members in your area.