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Concrete Drilling


  • Drilling through solid cement walls really sucks. We should probably get contractors to do this rather than doing it ourselves if at all possible.
  • There are two sizes of hammer drill bits, SDS-Plus and SDS-Max. The hammer drill we have at the Mesh Room is SDS-Plus, which is the smaller size. This can do up to a 1" bit max it seems.
  • SDS-Max drills are expensive, 500$ to buy + ~100$ bit, better to rent if we don't use them often.
  • There's rebar inside cinder block walls. If you hit it it's basically impossible to drill through, unless you have a special rebar cutting bit.
  • Drill a small (1/4") pilot hole through the wall first. This is basically required to get the hammer drill to not jump around when starting the hole, and it allows you to confirm where you're gonna come through on the other side in case you have to drill from both sides and meet in the middle.
  • 2" SDS-Max core drill is the perfect size for the OD of 1 1/2" electrical conduit, which is 1.9" OD
  • Stucco outside wall treatment sucks. You can't screw into it, it's basically made of styrofoam.
  • Bring a vacuum for dust collection, or a dust mask. Preferably both.
  • Clean out holes with canned air / brush.