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title: "Site surveys"

Site surveys for large buildings help us determine if wireless connection is possible and how we will run cable to apartments. Take photos at each step as you go through the building.

Mounting points on roof

Identify the best mounting points on the roof.

Bandwidth test

Take a battery and do a bandwidth test to the hub or hubs that they are planning to connect to

(This might not be possible if the mounting point is in the water tower)

Conduit or drop point for cable from roof to basement

For large buildings we need to run cable from the roof to the basement. Try to identify existing conduits we can use. We can't use ISP's conduits, unless the building owns them.

Telecom closet access

All large buildings have a telecom closet in the basement. This is one place we might put a panel and run our cables from there.

Raceways into apartments

Hallways often have conduits running where the wall meets the ceiling. This is called a raceway. See if this is owned by the building and we can use that.

Unused wiring that we could use.

Often there is unused or abandoned wiring that we can use. This might be ethernet, coax or even fiber. This will save a huge amount of time and money if we can identify that.


When finished, write up a google doc of the survey with embedded photos. We often share these as pdf's with the interested building managers.