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Non-Penetrating Roof Mounts/Stands

EZ NP-72-200 (Amazon):

Model: EZ NP-72-200
Amazon Link
Price:  175$



Cheaper stand, includes a mast as well. Feels solid enough for a LiteBeam + Omni, AF60LR, WaveLR or other medium sized antenna. Would probably be reluctant to mount something heavy like a AF24 on it. Maybe mounted low would be fine.

Can hold a max of 8 concrete blocks. (Without stacking them)

Comes with a nice thick recycled (I think) black rubber mat to protect the roof, which is slightly larger than the frame of the stand.

Not the biggest fan of the design. Mast is offset, not centered on the base so there's one direction in which the stand is more likely to topple over. The frame has 3 arms, with a 4 sided base. Should have had 4 arms extending to each corner of the base.

Also whoever decided that filling the box with packing peanuts was a good idea deserves to be fired. Can't open the box on a roof or anywhere windy for fear of packing peanuts going everywhere.

The stand has a collar for mast at the top, but attaches to the bottom of the mast with hole drilled through and a screw. Has some amount of leveling adjustment, but not as much as stands with two collars. Has 3 adjustment bolts per collar.

The mast comes with the tripod and collar parts already assembled, which saves time and confusion. The base is made of angled metal. All screws are the same size, so no worries about mixing them up. Gloves are highly recommended for assembly, lots of sharp metal edges.
Instructions don't have a picture. That would be nice to have.

Wade Antenna NPRM-2:

Model: NPRM-2
Wade Antenna

Product Page Link
Anixter (Supplier Purchase Link) (Supplier Purchase Link)

Price:  233.50$ (
371.00$ (Anixter previous quote/purchase)
Assembly Instructions:



Made in Canada and there's somewhat limited places to purchase it. Last time we purchased from Anixter, but seems to have better prices.
Doesn't include a mast.

Can hold 12 concrete blocks max without stacking them, 6 per side.
Used this stand to hold a AF24 + Sectors at Sunset Park Library. Would trust this stand for larger antennas, though would still not mount a Siklu or anything that requires precision alignment. It still has some flex and will probably have issues with alignment on super narrow bandwidth antennas.
Also this stand has wind loading charts from the manufacturer, to plan the amount of concrete blocks required.

Has flanges at the top and bottom to hold the mast. Allows angle adjustment/leveling of the mast by adjusting the 4 bolts on each collar. The bottom flange prevents the bottom of the mast from hitting the roof directly. This stand has 4 arms that extend down from the top flange to the 4 corners of the base.

Assembling this stand can be a little tricky. The instructions are pretty good, though it uses 4 different sizes/lengths of bolts, which are not interchangeable. Need to pay close attention to which bolts should be used where. The bolts are somewhat cheap, we managed to shear one of them during the assembly when we wrenched down too tight. The stand comes completely disassembled.
Getting the arms attached to the upper collar and then lined up with the holes in the frame was somewhat difficult. Had to bend the arms a little bit to get stuff to align as the factory bends were not exactly right. (somehow...)

There is a rubber map (additional 19.50$) which protects the roof under the stand. It's a little thin, white and could be a bit more beefy but it seems to do the job. Not sure how well it's going to hold on in the weather, will need to check back in a year or so. Could probably just buy a recycled rubber sheet of the right size that would be tougher.