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Rules and Standards

As OSPF has some challenges in deployment outside of a datacenter environment, we will need to all adhere to some rules to prevent from encountering a routing problem. OSPF, unlike BGP or other protocols, may/will refuse to connect to a peer which has different parameters set and can be a source of confusion.  Please follow these rules unless there is a good reason not to:

  1. General    
    1. All OSPF usage will be on area ( backbone area )     
    2. Set Router ID to the 10-69-net address of the Node
    3. All OSPF timers will be set to ( this is typically default ):
      • Link Cost 10
      • Retransmit Interval 5
      • Transmit Delay 1
      • Hello Interval 10
      • Dead Router Interval 40  
  2. Interfaces should be in PtMP mode (not broadcast)   
  3. OSPF "networks" should only be the 10-69-net, unless there is a special case
  4. Redistribute Default Route should be never, unless you are distributing a default route
    • If you are redistributing a default route, do so as type 1 
    • Check with the rest of the network what the correct metric should be
  5. Redistribute user networks via Redistribute Connected as type 1 
  6. Mikrotik Only: Filter VPN point-to-point /32 links. They cause trouble.   
  7. Do not also run BGP, unless there is a special case; take care of metrics in this case.