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NYC Mesh operates AS395853

Our peering Policy is Yes

Please contact us to peer with our network.

Note this this is our Public ASN, not the Mesh Network itself.
This community-run public network supplies NYC Mesh with net-neutral internet connectivity to support the community. If you would like to join the Mesh Network, please visit our Join Page make use of this network.

Peering Policy

  • NYC Mesh has an open peering policy.
  • We have no requirements in terms of traffic, size, support/SLA, etc.
  • We operate both IPv4 and IPv6. Peering via both protocols is appreciated.


Building Address Ports
Sabey 375 Pearl St, New York, NY 1G / 10G


Exchange City IPv4 IPv6 ASNs Routes Speed
DE-CIX NY New York, NY 2001:504:36::c2ab:0:1 105 ~122K 1G

Peering Data

ASN: 395853
Peering Contact:
Recommended Max Prefix IPv4: 10
Recommended Max Prefix IPv6: 10
PeerDB Page:
As we are a non-profit, please consider providing as many routes as possible, including upstream or other routes.


We have direct peering sessions with the following networks
Thank you to those who have peered!

ASN Organization Exchange
AS42 WoodyNet / Packet Clearing House DE-CIX NY
AS714 Apple Inc. DE-CIX NY
AS3856 Packet Clearing House DE-CIX NY
AS6939 Hurricane Electric, Inc. DE-CIX NY
AS9009 M247 Ltd DE-CIX NY
AS15169 Google LLC DE-CIX NY
AS20940 Akamai International B.V. DE-CIX NY
AS27257 Webair Internet Development Company Inc. DE-CIX NY
AS29838 Atlantic Metro Communications, LLC DE-CIX NY
AS33891 Core-Backbone GmbH DE-CIX NY
AS46450 Pilot Fiber, Inc. DE-CIX NY
AS53988 Digi Desert LLC DE-CIX NY
AS54825 Packet Host, Inc. DE-CIX NY