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Ubiquiti LTU

Ubiquiti has a new "technology" which is the successor to AirMax , called LTU. (more about AirMax )
We have been experimenting with LTU, as we received a gracious donation of 18 LTU-LR CPEs and wanted to put them to use. We have found that LTU generally performs well in certain applications, as detailed below.

LTU and AirMax hardware are not cross-compatible. A LTU-LR can't connect to a AirMax Sector and a LiteBeam can't connect to a LTU Sector.

Differentiating from AirMax Equipment:

The only difference between a LTU-LR and a LiteBeam-LR is the radio module. The reflector and related mounting hardware is exactly the same, except for the logo printed on the front.

You can tell a running LTU radio module apart from an AirMax one by looking at the activity light on the bottom. The LTU has a white activity light while the AirMax has a blue one.

Obviously, there is a label on the back of the radio module that tells you what it is, however this is covered when the antenna is installed.