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Ubiquiti LiteAP Sector

The confusingly named LiteAP (LAP-120) is a very good, cheap 120' sector antenna. 120' means you need three to get a full 360'. It used to be called a LiteBeam 5AC AP LBE-5AC-16-120, and is still named that on parts of their website.

We use it as a sector antenna for most hub and supernode installs. As with all Ubiquiti gear you need to flash it with the latest firmware first.

The AC in the name is not 802.11ac, it is Ubiquiti's own protocol. These devices can only connect to other Ubiquiti "AC" devices like the LiteBeam we mount on everyone's roof.

Ubiquity LiteAP

Device specs are available at

The default IP is with name:ubnt pwd:ubnt