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Callcentric IVR Setup

Services & Software Phone System and Configuration

Callcentric has a built-in IVR utility that allows for practically infinite permutations of menus, auto attendant scripts, and scriptable interactive call flows using Call Treatments. The flow itself can be found here, but this page is solely to contain the sc...

Call Termination: Google Voice and Callcentric

Services & Software Phone System and Configuration

Background Early 2022 the 833-NYC-MESH number was parked at NumberBarn until further research could be done on how to implement the number. In the meantime the Google for Nonprofits platform was used to get access to Google Voice for a preliminary IVR/auto-at...

Callcentric Inbound/Call Treatments

Services & Software Phone System and Configuration

Call Treatments in this context are practically synonymous with Inbound Routes, which may be more commonly seen in VoIP configuration software. NYC Mesh owns two direct-inbound-dialing (DID) numbers registered with Callcentric, toll-free DID 833-NYC-MESH (1833...

Rules and Standards

Networking OSPF

As OSPF has some challenges in deployment outside of a datacenter environment, we will need to all adhere to some rules to prevent from encountering a routing problem. OSPF, unlike BGP or other protocols, may/will refuse to connect to a peer which has differen...

NYC Mesh OSPF Routing Methodology

Networking OSPF

Positives and negatives OSPF is an interesting choice as an in-neighborhood routing protocol because of its ease of setup (auto convergence, no ASNs), and how ubiquitous it is -- nearly every cheap and expensive commercial and open device supports it. These t...