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Juniper Quick Start Guide (Mikrotik vs Juniper)

3 - Hardware & Firmware Firmware

This guide is intended to be a quick start guide to working with Juniper routers. It is intended that NYC Mesh volunteers who know their way around RouterOS can use this guide to complete the same common actions on a Juniper router.To Do: Login and access t...

Non-Penetrating Roof Mounts/Stands

2 - Install & Maintenance Guides

EZ NP-72-200 (Amazon): Model: EZ NP-72-200 Manufacturer: Easy-Up Link: Amazon Link Price:  175$ Cheaper stand, includes a mast as well. Feels solid enough for a LiteBeam + Omni, AF60LR, WaveLR or other medium sized antenna....

Window Drilling Guide

2 - Install & Maintenance Guides

All of our installs usually require getting a cable from the outside to the inside of a building eventually... Drilling through the window frame or lip is the most common way to do this, as it's much easier than drilling through a thick brick wall.This guide i...

Ubiquiti Unifi AP Adoption Guide (WORK IN PROGRESS)

2 - Install & Maintenance Guides

Introduction (Why we need to do this): Ubiquiti WiFi access points need a controller (Unifi) to be configured, as they can't operate as standalone devices. For the mesh, this controller resides on a virtual machine in the SN3 data center.In a "normal setup" i...

Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Introduction

-About NYC Mesh- Why is NYC Mesh building a community network? Below are just a few of the reasons to join and support NYC Mesh: We are building an infrastructure commons that is accessible to all New Yorkers. We are a neutral network that does not blo...