VPN - L2TP/IPsec Request

NYC Mesh maintains some common VPN infrastructure for use by active mesh members.

Please feel free to use the VPNs. However, please note that NYC Mesh is not a commercial VPN provider or reseller, nor are we trying to achieve an Internet-based darknet. The VPN service is subject to change and/or breakage at any time. Do not rely on NYC Mesh’s VPN service as your primary or critical VPN provider. Also, as with all NYC Mesh resources, do not abuse the VPN service or the access it provides.

Request a vpn account

Please write to "vpn @ nycmesh.net" and provide the following information, the same you provided on the join request form, to register your install

*please indicate if it is to be used by you, from your laptop, phone, etc.. Or if it is to be setup on your node, such as for a "remote node" or else.

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