Taking Panorama Photos

A direct line of sight to a Supernode or hub node is required to connect to NYC Mesh. To help the install team determine whether a line of sight is possible, we ask new members to provide a panoramic photo of the view from their rooftop. We use these photos to identify an existing hub/node to which your building can connect.

Where to find the panorama photo function on your phone

Most cell phone cameras have panoramic photo capability in camera mode.


On iPhones, this feature will be a scrollable option on the bottom of the camera screen.

alt text


On Android phones, this feature may be listed under “more” or “...”.

alt text

Taking a good panorama image

Rooftop panorama images should show as much of the surrounding skyline and other buildings as possible. We are looking to see if any of our existing hubs or supernodes are visible from your rooftop. For this reason please take your panorama photos from the highest point on the roof if possible (and safe!).

If you are also willing and able, please feel free to annotate cardinal directions (North, South, East, West) and other nearby landmarks (nearby streets, lower Manhattan, midtown, prospect park, etc) This helps our volunteers get their bearings and figure out which direction your photos are looking.

Best practices for roof panoramas

Best practices for DIY window panoramas

Examples of good panorama photos

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