MikroTik Netinstall Recovery

How to resurrect a bootlooping OmniTIK with netinstall


OmniTIK boots up but continually reboots. The LEDs repeat the pattern: device boots up, power eventually turns blue, then 1-5 turn orange and reboots. Rinse and repeat.


Use netinstall to flash a fresh firmware on the router. This guide assumes Linux, though both Linux and Windows are supported. This should work for any RouterBOARD based device.

❱ netinstall -p ~/Downloads/routeros-mipsbe-6.47.8.npk -i enp0s13f0u2u4u5
Using server IP:
Starting PXE server
Waiting for RouterBOARD...
PXE client: CC:2D:E0:17:55:CB
Sending image: mips
Discovered RouterBOARD...
Sending package routeros-mipsbe-6.47.8.npk ...
Ready for reboot...
Sent reboot command

After all this, you should hear a few beeps indicating success. You can now try to connect via ether2 to configure it at as normal.

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