60 GHz

60 GHz is an unlicensed band that now has some cheap gigabit point to point (p2p) antennas that we are using.

60 GHz is extremely susceptible to "rain-fade", which is why it is not used in licensed spectrum

Often these radios come with a 5GHz backup, which isn't really useful for bandwidth but it will keep your link online during rain.


There's a very confusing range of Ubiquiti 60GHz. Basically there's dishes and enclosed headlight looking ones

Ubiquiti Gigabeam

Ubiquiti Gigabeam Plus GBE-Plus

This is a well-designed router that is small and reliable. We have a couple of these at our Rivington hub

Ubiquiti Gigabeam GBE-LR

Ubiquiti airFiber 60 Long Range

Ubiquiti airFiber 60 LR (dish)

We are currently running two links with these. Grand to Navy Yard, and PH to 5283

The Navy Yard link:

The 5283 link:

MikroTik LHG 60G

We originally installed these for 800m links but they will go down every time in heavy rain. 200m seems a good distance for them. It's a cheap way to connect neighboring buildings. We use these between the Grand St towers.

IgniteNet Metrolinq One 60-19

We use these between Henry and Grand. It never got over 300 Mbps

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